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Maybe you think as these guys do. Maybe you are one of those trying to enjoy a night out and hoping that your evening is not spoiled by “the DJ”, that guy that has raised his work to levels one couldn’t even think possible some years ago. Well, in some parts of the world it is eas to do, since there are many options to enjoy a night out. Down here in Colombia things are a little, uhm, complicated.

These past years it’s impossible to think about going out one night to get a couple drinks and a discharge of good ol’ rock music, meaning: some ugly guys onstage banging their drums and shouting in the mic; hopefully a sexy girl with a bad attitude singing some lyrics that mean something (or at least can be sang along).

Right now, wherever you go in Colombia you end up hearing lounge music, electronic sounds and the usual suspects spinned (in a computer (!)). As a matter of fact, all those European DJ’s that have seen their glory days pass them, have been more busy these days in Bogota, Buenos Aires, Quito, Lima or Santiago than Berlin, NY or London.

On the night of April 28, a new record label joins forces with a collective of local and foreign artists (music bands and fashion designers) to launch a revival of the music and style “as should return”. Eje Records was developed by a group of friends tired of the “DJ culture”, with a rock attitude and a lot of energy to start promoting events where guitars and real drums are going to return to central stage.

Three bands (Sexy Lucy, Dub Killer Combo and Leandro Viernes) are going to be responsible of the audio part of the night. On the catwalk, Aerodinamic is going to put something on the models (boys and girls) in charge of the audience. The clothes are experimental, aimed to a young crowd that, everyday more clearly, wants to return to basics.

Aerodinamic is based in Bogota, and the collection for this night is based in la belle epoque. People from 18 to 35 could use their creations, bringing a small dose of luxury and uniqueness to their lives.

Beautiful girls, guitars, fashion, mean looks, cheap drinks… Funny when a new attitude comes smelling old so clearly. But, it’s a sign of the times.

Desfile Rock 2005
Aerodinamic: Colecciones Otono Invierno / Lenceria
Date: April 28th, 2005
Place: El Pasha
Address: 74 Calle, Bogota, Colombia

Text: Xpectro
Photos: Courtesy of Eje Records

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