THINGSText: Aya Takada

I’m wondering what to do this summer, where to go? Are you thinking the same thing? Then I’d like to introduce a new travel kit to the people who are excited about summer and traveling. Any experienced traveler knows that spending many hours at the airport or on the plane doing nothing is pretty painful. So Vancouver-based graphic designer, Nerissa Goco, created a travel kit called “MOVE” to enhance your traveling experience.

“MOVE” keeps you entertained by making you learn, discover and play, all at the same time. It’s designed as a series with each edition focusing on a single country. The first edition is the Philippines. She fills “MOVE” with an eclectic mix of products and activities.

In the “MOVE” travel kit are: a journal, language book, and sweets (mango jelly and dried mangoes); mix cd, playing cards, and a culture book. The content of the kit are tools for a traveler to have the opportunity and knowledge to spend time with local people, and experience a different culture.

The travel kit is not only helpful for those traveling, but for those ho don’t have an opportunity to go somewhere. The second edition is about Canada. It is interesting how she brings multi-cultural Canada together into a kit. Goco’s playful way of designing motivates our curiosity. Which country can we enjoy in the next “MOVE”?

Text: Aya Takada

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