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A new creation for Japanese culture.

Confectioneries in ancient times must have been prepared from nature using fruits and nuts. Reflecting the roots of such sweets and exploring new possibilities for Japanese style sweets, Simplicity opened its new shop Baishinka, reinterpreting the ultimate aesthetic of Japan from various point of views to realize a new style of Japanese confectionery shop.


Baishinka is located in the quiet residential area apart from the hustle and bustle of Toritsu Daigaku Station. Surrounded with the green of trees, the house building stands there solidly with an old rusted gate. The combination of colors of rust red and garden green evokes feelings of Wabi and Sabi.


As you go up stone stairs, the renovated old house Baishinka appears, like a picture, in front of your eyes. The contrast between the deep color of the timbers and the white plaster walls is beautiful. And you will see the continuity of modern interpretation of latticework and a pine tree.


There is a shop that the sweets of Baishinka on the left hand side, and a tea room on the right side. Each piece of wagashi (a kind of traditional Japanese confectionery) has an unique style and combination of ingredients and colors, which will be wrapped in a package like a special gift.

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