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THINGSText: Matt Owens

A few days after Matt Owens presented me with this remarkable collection of digital works, my hometown of New York City was attacked by terrorists. Assuming you’re still alive, and still live in a society that permits you to look at non-religious works of art, you may wonder, as I have lately, what is the value of creativity and beauty in a world gone violently mad? This whole business of personal art and exploration, of boundary-pushing and breakthroughs, may seem irrelevant now – the relic of a time that ended on September 11, 2001. I humbly suggest the opposite.

In a time of senseless killing, intelligence, creativity, and individual thinking are more than pleasant attributes. They are the flower of a society that values personal expression. They are the source of our advancement out of darkness. They give rise to the art that makes life worth living and our way of life worth preserving. They are the tools that just may save us from mindless apocalypse.

I’m not saying that the strange and lovely worlds of Codex 3 will guide humanity to truth, peace, and justice. But this well – curated collection of remarkable digital artworks is more than a mere diversion. It is a small ray of light against the darkness, an undimmed candle in the whirlwind. It’s also damn fine work by some of the best designers in the world. Enjoy it in peace and safety. – Jeffery Zeldman

Alt 77: Lost History Evil Machine
Magnus Hggren and Skelett combines personal experiences and abstract technological representation to refect on important personal past circumstances and what took them away.

Automatic: Things To Do
Charles Wilkin of automatic gives you three custom fonts designed by himself – Sequence, Decline and Poly.

Dect/Associates: Abstract Measurements
Edward Taylor of Dect/Associates in Science give you a project based on the fracturing of structural and mainframe assembled parts from computers to architecture to vehicles. It is a comprehensive study of forms, fractiles, and shards taken from everyday objects which are transformed into unrecognizable fictional landscapes.

Mike Young: Rethinking DC
Mike Young has created a series of compositions based on his observations and reinterpretations of the urban landscape of Washington DC.

Develop Industrial: Creator
Dan Ellis uses his own photography and personal language to reflect on the larger concepts of creation, observation, inspiration, emulation and destruction in our contemporary urban landscape.

Arnaud Mercier: Instructions for Life
Arnaud serves up his interpretation of his introduction to Codex 3. get ready and hurry!

K10K: Moodstats
K10K provides us with Moodstatsa- a brandnew Kaliber10000 joint, lovingly handcrafted, designed and coded by mschmidt, token, per & barney. Moodstats is the very first program in their line of “emotional software” – applications custom made for softies such as themselves – and even though they are still relatively new to this whole program development thingamajing, it still gives them immense pleasure to announce the immediate availability of this baby.

Norm – The Cursor Challenge
Norm provide us with their very own cursor challenge. Solve all three games using you super mouse-skills and win access to one of their great custom typefaces!

The OFP : Weapons Pack V1
The OFP serve up 6 spectacular weapons for their V1 weapons pack. From long range ballistic to semi-automatics, these guns have something “special” to offer.

Pitau/Presstube: Insert Silence
Amit Pitau and James Patterson give us this image/audio mixer configuration that provides hours and fun and joy. Switch, mix abd fracture images while enjoying the fat beats of krad Padk Rad.

Rinzen: Shit Magic
Australia’s powerhouse Rinzen give us 4 fun games for your enjoyment. Swim for your life in Rippa, Use your cannon to Kill these Aussie vermin in Kanga Kill, Escape the most hated bird in the outback, the magpie in Squawk and dress your backyard stars in Howzat – warning! contains 2d full frontal nudity!

Bowden/Boudreax: Emissary
Steve Bowden and Toby Boudreax have joined forces to create this lovely fully interactive photo/map documentary on Steve’s trip to Cambodia. To take it to that next level, Steve designed the custom typeface Emissary for the project and has included it for your use and enjoyment.

Suture/Truth Dare Double Dare: Found Objects
Learn more about these cool found objects as you click and drag the little helpful hints. From the power duo of Suture and Truth Dare Double Dare.

Wide Open Spaces: I am
Wide Open Spaces send along a special movie they have made featuring ruminations on video games and wind up toys!

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Text: Matt Owens

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