HAPPENINGText: Florian Weber

How to make a lot of money, when you have nice connections. There are a lot of firms like that out there. I don’t have to name them. All the firms who see a nice idea realized by someone else and then also try to jump on the wagon and try to get all the nice money with that idea. seem to be the German version of those firms here right now. With a concept which got pretty big in the USA some months ago, they are trying to get the German market now. The idea is to let people rant and write down their opinions about products and thereby give people, who are are in need of such advice, help.

Like I said, they are not the first firm to make a lot of money with that idea. But it was quiet suprising to read that they got 20,000,000 euro venture capital. Its just such a suprise sometimes how easy it is to make money, when you just know the right people and you have a lot money to toy around with.

You do not always need a good idea, when you can just catch one and realize it on the other side of the ocean. It is just like in real life, the only thing is that there is more land on the Internet to place your shitload of company somewhere and let it make money for you. And that’s what pisses me off lately. All the firms who take their shitty ideas from others to make the quick money.

But maybe in the case I wrote about before its worse, because I saw how dumb the people were and the lesser ideas. Its pretty lame when people don’t even dare anything and just try to go the same way. Same way to save money. When Yahoo! will always be the idol to all those people, then I can just say “good night, Internet.”

Text: Florian Weber

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