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THINGSText: Shinichi Ishikawa

Burying your precious things and digging them up after a few decades when you grow up you will definitely feel the nostalgia for your childhood. A time capsule is able to give you a feeling of that sort of excitement. This “Time Capsule – Art Capsule Toy Project” will take you back to that happy memory time.

Talented artists from not only within Japan but also from all over the world designed the original figures for this Gacha (a vending machine of small toys) project. A part of the exhibition, which were held at “Gallery Speak For” in Daikanyama, Tokyo will be displayed this time. If you visit Soso Cafe, you will see a massive poster on the wall and the rough sketch as a making of completing this capsule project. You can, of course, try Gacha and get toys. The goods, such as each artist’s T-shirt, stickers and others are available and they can be bought only at the cafe. Enjoy your favourite artist’s figures with the heart of a child.

They have been creating graphics and images related to music and film fields since 1993. Their “management project of personality Chappy” and the visual works is very well known.

© 2002 Jim Woodring

Jim Woodring
A comic writer based in Seattle, USA. He has received high marks from not only the American Underground Comic world but also in the Art world. He has been publishing the series “Frank” every year as well as creating designs for CD jackets.

© 2002 James Jarvis

James Jarvis
An illustrator who produces the characters for “Silas”, the street brand in London, and designs the catalogues for “The Face” and “i-D2. Held the one-man exhibition “World of Pain” in Tokyo in the last.

© 2002 Pete Fowler

Pete Fowler
The most noteworthy artist at the graphic in the UK. He calls himself “Monsterist”. Created the artwork for the rock band Super Furry Animals’ album.

© 2002 Sony Creative Products

Hitoshi Odajima
He has got two faces as a graphic designer and an illustrator. Created the CD jackets for Sunny Day Service and Magoo Swim. His comic has been serially published in the magazine “bounce”. Got many attentions from various scenes.

Time Capsule – Art Capsule Toy Project
Participated artists: Groovisions, Jim Woodring, James Jarvis, Pete Fowler, Hitoshi Odajima

Text: Shinichi Ishikawa
Translation: Sachiko Kurashina

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