PEOPLEText: Akira Natsume

Nowadays it gets warmer and springlike. Today is the 3rd of March, the Girl’s Festival and also the special day for ‘CHAPPIE‘, the charactor playing dress-up created by GROOVISIONS, and the precious day for CHAPPIE manias.

CHAPPIE made her debut at release a CD Album, a big exhibition was held at Shibuya PARCO and a book was published from KORINSYA. Shibuya will be full of CHAPPIE from this day onward (I hope so). I look forward to going to Shibuya. It seems that the balloons of CHAPPIE are distributed to people at the exhibition room.

I hope everyone to purchase the maxi-single to create the situation that the music video of CHAPPIE is telecasted in the charts or CHAPPIE herself sing in public. CHAPPIE is so cute.. I hope a live will be held some day if possible.

Text: Akira Natsume

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