THINGSText: Naoko Ikeno

What is the difference between ROJO and the other?

We have no editorial criteria. We give space and the contributors do their own thing. We only make sure that the people who are contributing spend lots of time and effort doing it and that the work is not related to any time in particular. We want ROJO ‘start’ and ROJO ‘extra’ to be compatible in the same time space and taking out references of year or month helps to forget when it was done, and eliminates one barrier, is it new? is it old…? the question we look for is… do I like it? does it tell me anything…?

Art work by Hombrelopez

How are you going to design the web site?

As the printed mag, with random covers, and as support of the contents… ROJO has to be just the cristal jar, what has to be interesting is what is inside the cristal jar.

We would like to ask you about Spain. What is hot now?

I am hot… 34 years old.. (just kidding). What is hot!!! In Barcelona, Sonar just went by… and we still have a little hangover, free distributed magazines, Circuit IV, cool TV advertising (with no exposition of products, just comunicating abstract ideas), Sun, beach, nice girls and mestizaje all around. globalization of etnias and messages. Nice people. Ah! restaurants that become clubs after dinner an DJ’s play all night.
What is not hot!!! Big brother, dog fights, heroin, ETA terrorism.

Art work by Archikubik

Please tell us your favorite bar, cafes or restaurants in Barcelona.

MOOG (club, with DJ OMAR as resident)
SUBORN (bar and restaurant)
CAFE DEL SOL (and all terraces in plaza del sol)
MOND (bar, only with the air conditioning ON)
ZETA (bar and shop)
SHOJIRO (restaurant)
BOGA (restaurant)
TAIRA (restaurant)
SALSITAS (restaurant, CLUB22 after dinner)

Do you know anything about Japan and have any comment?

We do not know much. We would love to visit and know things by first hand, by own experience. we know Shift, we know Films, we know technology, but what we really want to know is people and how they live… and that… we do not know yet. But we have plans to visit soon… maybe to find a cool distributor…

The last question. Do you have any plans for near future?

We are in our near future. ROJO press, web and TV. Creativity flowing free everyday. The future is the present time, same elements just placed in a different order.

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Text: Naoko Ikeno

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