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Angel Souto is both, one of the youngest and more experienced freelance designers in Spain. He started designing for Pull and Bear clothes. But it was two years ago, when he published Atmosphere, that meant the start on his web renown.

Projects on-line:

DJ Groove Us, E-innova (cover), Collaborations for Threeoh, Horusproject and Aticco.

Projects off-line:

Intro flash for Inditex, Collaborations for Belio, Some corporative identities, Flyers, Interactive presentations for the ports of La Coruna and El Ferrol, CD Cover for "Business Man" (Dj Groove Us), Collaborations for

How could you define your works:

I try to get fun, to learn, to experiment and satisfy the client expectatives.

How do you see the national situation of indie design?

It seems that people are getting the feeling and now there are things of high quality (Xebius, Aticco, Microbians, Xnografics…). I believe that we all had to help each other to give the Spanish design a great push, in order to show people that it is not in London the only place to see good things, I think there is a lot of quality in Spain though it doesn’t become apparent.

And how about the international panorama?

Outside Spain it is worth seeing some things but under my point of view they are always the same one. I think there is much to discover, above all people who do not publicize themselves properly and don’t come out. It is right to observe the work of those monsters of design but I think that each one have to investigate on their side and to try to offer new things, fresh things which will attract attention by its originality.

Spanish designers you admire:

To tell the truth I do not have favourite designers neither in Spain or outside, but I really admire the work and the effort of people such as Manolillo Xebius, Aticco, Xnografics, Microbians,
El giro en el eje..and others that I am forgetting.

Future projects:

To redesign Atmosphere and to continue colaborating with more e-zines.
I will go to London in September with Manolillo (Xebius)
Something for Graphicscene and a collaboration in the "Pink Project" book.

Text: Aticco

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