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Xnografics is a young studio in Barcelona, but their work speaks by itself. His name comes from their love to pornography: x(por)+nografics. They are now developing a porno-design-site which has created great expectations, and the new version of their own site as well. They don’t stop growing!

Projects on-line:

Hoymesiento.com (lascivo, chismoso)

Projects off-line:

Iris Star, Malrboro Dance Tour, Rojo Magazine.

Definition of the general lines which the studio aspire to achieve:

Right at the moment we feel in a great mood, even though we are a very young design-studio and there are still many things to show and to learn.

How could you define your works:

We’d like to be seen as something “different”. We try to surprise and enjoy ourselves and at the same time to share that feeling to anyone who stumbles over one of our works.

How do you see the national situation of indie design?

There are quite many people involved and there is plenty respect for each other. We admire each other and this makes you expecting what the others do. Meanwhile we keep on motivating each other. This results in a growing quality of the national design – and the best things are yet to come…

And how about the international panorama?

The fact is, that we don’t see ourselves missplaced in the design which is practised in central-europe and the US. We think that everybody is influencing everybody and it seems very interesting to us that they have an eye on us in the places where the best european design is made.

Spanish designers you admire:

Vasava, Area3, Innoth, Neuart,Ipsum… and anybody who appears with a philosophy similar to ours. Anybody and each of them deserve our admiration and respect…

Future projects:

Costadesign.es, Porno-grafics.com, Malrboro dance tour, Triem Executive Search.

Address: 6 c/Sant Placid, 08193 Bellaterra, Spain

Text: Aticco

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