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PEOPLEText: Aticco

Area3 is a outstanding multidisciplinary team with a very defined style. The interest for the interactive experimentation, and their versatility (art, web, video, music…) along with the great ideas have made of them a point of reference in Spain.

Projects on-line:

Projects off-line:

CD-Rom FF-mix, edited by Fiftyfifty Interactive Media. CD-Rom & Magazine Evolutive, nシ 9. edited by Vasava. Olympic Museum. Design of light objects that interact with projected images and video post-production for a permanent audiovisual show in the Olimpic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland.

How could you define your works:

I try to get fun, to learn, to experiment and satisfy the client expectatives.

Definition of the general lines which the studio aspire to achieve:

We observe each project as a sole case, analysing the reality of the proposition without attempting to classify or standardize it. In this process each team member gives their best of their criteria in taking any common decision in order to assure that the work do well in all aspects. The experimental projects are our creative means. All the technical and aesthetic advances in wich we become immersed are born in this work of exploration, and that later affects on the commercial production. We need to debote efforts in this line to go forward as much personally as professionally. Experiment is to play, to learn. This projects are as well the maximum exponent of the importance of our development possibilities as a multidisciplinary team.

The changes are constants, the posibilities multiply and extend themselves at a vertiginous speed. In this way we work, applying in each projects the most suitable solutions, from those more basic to those standardized, to the most risky propositions using a state-of-the-art technology. A great part of our work is the analysis of a necessity and the generation of a dialoge to find as much the limits as hte possibilities of an idea an to optimize the result. Creativity, originality, functionality, are contantly present at any time. The means in our reach go from the classic graphic design, corporative identity design, posters, flyers, etc. To the multimedia production for internet, cd’s, installations or music.

How do you see the national situation of indie design? And how about the international panorama?

Spain goes well, also the rest. It is fantastic to have people around as good as Vasava, Innothna, Xnografics, Aticco, glasnost, Fiftyfifty… it is a continuous motivation to keep on working much and better.

Spanish designers you admire:

The above mentioned… and Josep Baga, Charlie Brown, Rafamateo, Ipsum planet, Typerware, Doubleyou, La mosca

Future projects:
AE. Project for the reedition of Air. For Fake-i-d, California.
Screening in the Benicassim Festival, carpa Hell/No_such. Rock Hard.

Address: 7 Perez galdos, 08012 Barcelona

Text: Aticco

[Help wanted] Inviting volunteer staff / pro bono for contribution and translation. Please e-mail to us.