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Innothna is another example of one the most important experimental Spanish studios. Obsession for the games and the 3D. They have been selected for the Bienal de Valencia 2001. The sweetest artificial worlds, games, spontaneous organization, online sound tools…

Projects on-line:

Projects off-line:

"Asianbioware corporation". Audiovisual Installation and cdrom.

How do you see the national situation of indie design?

Incipient and willing. We think it is going slow down because of a conservative and ignorant commercial surroundings. Anyway, there are going out people with talent and creativity, and this is something unstoppable.

And how about the international panorama?

There are a lot of ideas and very good people. Maybe there is not enough diversity. There are tendencies which are configuring a panorama homogeneous enough.We have the feeling that we haven’t see all that this media can give to us.

Spanish designers you admire:

Our background is not reduced to the grafic design. We like the work of people like Vasava, Sergi Jordá, Area3, Fiftyfifty and many others.

Future projects:

Now we are fascinated with the games and 3D. We are researching on the development of a ludic multiuser online environment. We would like to create experimental projects for game stations.

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Text: Aticco

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