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One of the most active designer of the Spanish scene, Abel Martinez owns a very advanced visual language. His personal site, plaxtika, is the proof. He is the one of the heads behind backfolder, a desktop on-line exhibition where you can find works from different Spanish designers.

Projects on-line:

The large part of online works has been made as Art Director of Difernet. The most recent ones are and

Projects off-line:

I have developed a lot of projects off-line. I work as freelance for many clubs in Madrid, among other things. At the moment I work as designer for the famous shop, at national level, of electronic music importation: JAXX records, and also for Mishroom, for which I made from its name to its corporative identity.

How could you define your works:

My works on-line are specially based upon the architectural theme and in the urban in general: street, peoples.
My influences: music (I’m productor and DJ), cinema etc.
Off-line, for all of my flyers, the influence or the bases which I follow, are those marked by the web design. I think that right now all the design guidelines in flyers production are given by the tireless advance of the digital medium (web).

How do you see the national situation of indie design?

The Spanish design situation is better every time, what’s more, I think that it tends more to an union than to the envy. We are aware of the fact that to carry on we have to be in continuous contact and to support each good project for the Spanish design.

And how about the international panorama?

The international situation is quite advanced and for me is very strong, but I think that the national design can be on a par with it.

Spanish designers you admire:

I admire people who, anonymously, do interesting things and have good ideas. In a more personal way, I like a lot the work of Xebius, Eduardo Campuzano, Vasava, Xnografics and that of my inseparable work mate, Victor San Vicente.
In general, I admire people who work hard.

Future projects:

My future project suff… I don’t know, many times I prefer not to think about it, I conform with my present and with which I’m doing nowadays. I would like to become known at international level.

Abel Martinez Foronda
Address: Ctra.Boadilla, 28220 Madrid

Text: Aticco

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