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PLACEText: Jean-Philippe Beauchamp

A place of exchange, research and experimentation, SAT (Society for Arts and Technology) has positioned itself, since 1996, as a unique center in Quebec, dedicated to the development of digital culture and new artistic practises. The SAT-Club brings together a diverse group of authors, creators and researchers who share in common the fact that they all use new digital production tools as their main mode of expression and reflection.

With its research, production, editing and public exchange programs, SAT encourages creation, research and information exchange, while developing alliances with cultural organizations, as well as both national and international research institutions and learning centers. SAT also promotes independent creation as an important tool toward innovation within the telecommunications and multimedia industries.

A couple of weeks ago, the SAT reopened its doors in downtown Montreal. The current exhibition is quite nice and refreshing. Some pieces are questionable, but most of the work exposed is good. The well-publicized Silophone by [The User] is hooked up to the gallery and yes, it is fully operational. The SAT is always seeking new people, so don’t be afraid to get in touch with them. Their current website is in French only but an English version should come up soon.

SAT (Technological Art Society)
Address: 1201 Boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal
Tel: +1 514 844 2033

Text: Jean-Philippe Beauchamp
Photos: Colin Cote

[Help wanted] Inviting volunteer staff / pro bono for contribution and translation. Please e-mail to us.