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PEOPLEText: Drafus Chow

Lemon was started in 1995 by David Mok. Since then, it has grown from one man band to one of, if not the leading internet companies in Hong Kong. The secret to Lemon’s success in my mind is that in a city where money is the main objective, Lemon put creativity in the forefront.

The success would follow. Lemon was a godsend to me when I decided to move back here and see what opportunities would await me. After interviewing with what was Hong Kong’s ‘Biggest’ internet company, name withheld, I was ready to pack my bags and take the first flight back home to NYC. creativity?

It looked more like an accountant firm. Granted working in a 10,000 square foot loft in Soho would spoil anyone, but this was not the ideal atmosphere to let any creative juice flow. Then came Lemon. One of greatest pleasures of working there was the close knittedness within the company. It was a pleasant, loose atmosphere to work in.

Here are some facts on Lemon. Lemon now consists of 12 people. 5 of them designers, 4 programmers, and the rest do whatever they do. David Mok no longer designs (which could be a good thing if you’ve seen the first ever lemon site!) and is CEO. The designers consist of Sean Wood, a name that should ring a bell to some (check his site in the Exchange Links).

Fred Lichtenstein who prefers the title ‘Iimagineer’, whatever you want to make that out to be, who specialises in the multi-media area, and Paul and Anet, two young talented designers that’ll keep the Lemon legacy flowing. In terms of talent, especially here in Hong Kong, you won’t find a more talented group.

Lemon has won numerous awards for their own website and client work, and have been printed in plenty of books on the subject. Lemon, probably the best internet company in Hong Kong, and definitely one of the companies most fun to work for. I will definitely miss it.

Address: 12/F, 41-43 Graham St., Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2537 2313

Text: Drafus Chow

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