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HAPPENINGText: Shinobu Koike


Made in Hong Kong is an independent film created by a director Fruit Chan who has been assistant to many films, including Christ in Nanjing, Hu-Du-Men and so. Chan created this film with supports of his friends, relatives and volunteers from veteran filmmakers and a famous movie star Andy Lau. Because of the low-budget, Chan appointed non-professional actors he found in the streets.

Made in Hong Kong is about a few teenagers who have lost their ways in school, family, society and hopes for the future. The director stated about this film as “The film was no doubt inspired by the issue of 1997, when Hong Kong was to be handed over to China. Like many people of my generation, the issue signifies a kind of deadline, an end to historical period: hence the fatal disease that Ping suffers from in the film, the sense of hopelessness that affects Autumn Moon, and his inevitable self-destruction. The breakdown of both Ping’s and Moon’s families (as well as of the traditional moral code) is also brought about by the ‘union’ of the fathers with mistresses from the mainland, which was in turn a side-effect of the economic reforms in China. It is a gloomy view, but it is nevertheless something deeply and genuinely felt by me and my peers. And it is exactly this sense of helplessness that prompted me to make this film.” (quoted from page 32, September issue ‘artlink’ publication of Hong Kong Art Centre)

It’s showed at Hong Kong Art Centre for three times and tickets were all sold out. Now there is a good news for those who missed these three shows. It will be put on the screen again at Broadway theatres in HK from October 10th.

Text: Shinobu Koike

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