The Integer Hong Kong Pavillion is a special event in Hong Kong. Why is it so special? Hong Kong is a city that has limited concept of green. People are living with all kinds of pollution everyday. In the downtown of Hong Kong, you may hardly find a fresh air to breathe. It makes the Integer so special – the dream of home for most of the Hongkongers.

Integer is the idea of green and intelligent building to designing and building houses in the principle of fully unitize the natural resources and minimize the household waste. It started in UK in 1996, and the first housing development using Integer principles was completed in Cherhill, Wiltshire.

The Integer Hong Kong Pavilion is an exhibition which is situated on Tamar site in Central. It started on Nov, 2001 for one year. The pavilion structure contains a semi-circular exhibition area, a mezzanine lobby area and two fully furnished 865 square foot apartments. It costs HK$35 administration fee, students, elderly and group administration has discount accordingly.

An audio-visual tour guides the entire tour with interactive experience through a pair of headphones with remote keys. The exhibition has 17 exhibition areas, including the concept introduction, demonstration flats and sky garden. The tour took approximately 45 mins to an hour. By inputting the location number, an introduction for the related topic will be given. The audio asked questions by inputting number 1-5 for participants’ opinions. Further explanation based on the inputted comments will be provided, which I consider it is an automatic interactive tour.

The building is designed to fully utilize all the resources to minimize all kinds of pollution. The building builds by blocks to minimize the sound pollution. The tap water will be recycled and used again as toilet water. The household waste will be collected by individual tubes that connected from each floor to the trash room. It will not involve any human collection and minimize the bad smell from the trash.

The building is fully computerized. Through the Internet, Residences can control the apartments’ facilities such as washing machine, lights, etc. They also can view their apartments from their computers to monitor their home. For example, they can see whether their kids are doing their homework through the Internet in the office, etc. There are much more on high security technology to manage the entire building to make the apartments secure and save.

It’s so good living in the apartment like this. One things slice in my mind that, with the influence of Hollywood movies, what if the computer system is hacked from terrorist, then …

Integer Hong Kong Pavillion
Date: November 3rd, 2001 – End of 2002
Place: Tamer site
Address: Harcourt Rd, Admiralty, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2596 9400

Text: Mlee
Photos: Mlee

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