THINGSText: Shinobu Koike

There are more movies worthy called The New Year Movies than last year. We’ve got Chow Yun Fat back with a Hollywood movie and films of Jackie Chan and Chow Sing Chi. Also, Michelle Yeou is staring in 007. Can these movies liven up HK movie market which has been sluggish?

Jackie Chan : Who am I?
His movie is almost an annual event for the new year time. “Who am I?” is gaining a reputation which is a lot better than his last work “Mr. Nice Guy”.

Chow Sing Chi : The Lucky Guy
He is funny, or his movies are funny. Although some of his past films didn’t give us enough chances to laugh, we are still expecting him to make us laugh head off. The casting of this movie is the New Year like gorgeous, Sammi Cheng who is a top singer nowadays and competing with Faye Wong for prizes, Daniel Chan who is a promising young pop singer, Shiu Kei from Taiwan and Eric Kot who himself makes films.

Chow Yun Fat : The Replacement Killers
It’s been a while we haven’t seen him on the screen. Now he is back! Well, we know it’s a Hollywood movie but actually it’s not the matter for most of HK people. The reason why they pay so much attention to this film is him, Chow Yun Fat. By the way, it seems that he is gaining his reputation as an action star but he is good in other genres like comedy, drama and even love story.

Michelle Yeou : Tomorrow Never Dies
Is it a coincidence that an actor and an actress from HK are starring in overseas’ action movies about the same time? Again, Michelle Yeou can handle not only action but also other roles. Last year, she appeared in a historical drama film “The Soong Sisters” as one of Soong’s three sisters.

Text: Shinobu Koike

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