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HAPPENINGText: Anthony Augendre

This movie festival started in Paris 5 or 6 years ago. It was a clear attempt to provide a selection of unknown Directors or cult movies badly distributed in France. The festival has grown a lot and has reached a massive success. Each year it begins at the end of august and ends in September.

The programme is so diverse that we cannot sum up it. The best way to describe the L’Étrange festival would be to tell you that you will see there the most extravagant films you have ever seen. Yakuza, cannibal, cyber-porno movies melted with animation cartoons. Some of them are also rejected from distributors cause they deal with embarrassing subjects.

Four years ago, the organizers programed the very first David Cronenberg experimental videos (Stereo, Crimes of the future), they do like underground Japanese directors too. Parisian have the chance now to witness a real alternative movie festival during one mouth.

L’Étrange festival
Date: August – September, 1998
Place: Porte sainte Eustache
Address: Forum des halles, 75001 Paris

Text: Anthony Augendre

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