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superspacexoxo” an artist from TOKYO TOGARI NEZUMI who is characterized by her adolescent lyrics and a languid voice on Lo-Fi tracks is releasing a limited edition of the mini-EP “Dear Johso Lennoso” at MUSEUM Store in July 5.

“superspacexoxo” founded in 2014 is a music project by a Sapporo-based multi-artist “Riechucchu” (who mainly works on lyrics and vocals.) Initially, it began as a duo group but now it widely collaborates with various other track makers.

This EP features 5 songs including the leading track “darling♡” and an original remixed piece “Flashback tonight” from “Tokyo Togari Sampler 002” released this spring. Limited numbers were hand written on 50.

superspacexoxo mini EP “Dear Johso Lennoso
Recorded music: Uh~Yeah, darling♡, Overture, Flashback tonight, REM sleep
Release date: July 5th, 2017
Sales store: MUSEUM STORE

Text: Editor

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