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HITOMITOI attracts many people with her clear voice. Based on her spicy life traveling around the globe during her childhood, she has produced music ever since she was a high school teen. It was in the spring 2008 when the big turning point in her life happened. She had to stop working on creating music because she got a throat infection. Soon after she got married and gave a birth to a baby. And now, after a year absence, she appears again in the music scene ready to move forward to a new stage releasing a new single “Diamond Railway“.


Please introduce yourself.

Hello. I’m HITOMITOI, a musician born and raised in Sapporo.

Why did you aspire to become a musician and how did you manage to make a debut?

I was influenced by my brother who was always recording music in the house, and I started to make music with him. After graduating from high school, I met many nice people in town, at clubs and at rehearsals which brought me a chance to make a debut album. And now I live in Tokyo where I never thought I’d live.

Please tell us your recent activities.

I create music and lyrics and work for a radio program regularly. I also write for the Maclaren Blog.

After you stopped working as a musician because of your illness in the spring of 2008, I heard that you got married, had a baby and started making music again. Did you find any change or new things happening in your music work?

2008 was a year of change. Having a polyp on my throat and having a child, were both like a body revolution! I strongly felt the change in my body led to the change of my life. It was like to live in the new age by changing myself as my 30th anniversary. So I’m also excited about how the change will be reflected on my music.

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