In the globalised world, art have transcended culture, language and geography. Imagery, pictography and music have all been assimilated into an international culture that make themes, concepts, mediums accessible and yet refreshing regardless of their location and context.

Mini Mori Video Trees

One such manifestation is the Mini Mori Video Trees exhibition where the confluence of passion, generosity and talent come into play. Making its journey from New York City, Tokyo and now Singapore, the launch of photographic concept store Peek! brings the opportunity for both local and international talent from various fields to come into play, using the medium of photography.

Armed with the Digital Harinezumi 2++, artists, stylists, designers, curators and actors all took snippets of their everyday life and experiences, documenting them digitally to showcasing them through both video and prints.


Local make up guru, Clarence Lee brought Digital Harinezumi 2++ with him on his overseas work trips. Lee captures moments of rest and relief when not working, documenting the tranquil moments of contemplation with familiar and yet, not so familiar scenes of China and New Zealand.

Kizuki + Lim from the renowned Japanese group, takes us on a stylist’s daily journey. From work in the salon to pausing at an old unused swimming pool in the heart of the city, the saturated colours and tecture bring a new outlook to the overlooked.


Curated by local collective Farm, the delightful Photo Trees formed the backdrop to the soundscape by renowned underground DJ Diana Chiaki as well as the SUPERHEADZ DJ Team and popular Singaporean DJs, Andrew T and Adrian Wee. Flashing in sync with the beats are images that form a digital wall, creating a collage of settings and instances from New York, Tokyo and the latest additions of Singapore.

Mini Mori Video Trees
Date: October 1st – 31st, 2010
Place: Peek!
Address: 36 Armenian Street, Singapore 179934

Text: Fann ZJ
Photos: Peek!

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Masahiro Suzuki