NEWSText: Satsuki Miyanishi

Indieguerillas Only Designer Drugs Can Tame This Beast Inside Me 2013 Acrylic and oil on Canvas 190 x 300 x 5 cm © Indieguerillas and courtesy of Mizuma Gallery

Mizuma Gallery at Gillman Barracks will present VERSUS – Indonesian Contemporary Art, an Indonesian contemporary art group exhibition starting 18 October through 22 December, 2013.

VERSUS traces the aspects of “diversity” in contemporary art, presenting Indonesia as an ideal territory for the approach. The exhibition seize the opportunity to contextualize Indonesia not only as a mere location, but as the fated motherland of a variety of contemporary voices. VERSUS explores intricate and unique combinations of values and sensibilities. Layers of realities in timeless juxtapositions of patterns uncover the underlying context. The show aims at the horizon beyond the question of tradition versus modernity in contemporary art.

VERSUS – Indonesian Contemporary Art
Date: October 18th – December 22nd, 2013
Opening hours: 11:00 – 19:00 (Sunday till 18:00)
Place: Mizuma Gallery
Address: Gillman Barracks, 9 Lock Road, Singapore 108937
Tel: +65 6570 2505

Text: Satsuki Miyanishi

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