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HAPPENINGText: Wakana Kawahito

Austria’s great creativity with their unique, elegant and refined ideas.


Involved with sales, merchandising and press in worldwide fashion, DUNE has been running a select shop, Nid, featuring unique fashion brands collected around the world. As an event celebrating for the 140-years diplomatic relation between Japan and Austria, DUNE launched an event “DUNE presents AUSTRIAN CONTEMPORARY FASHION” that took place at Tamada Projects on the 22nd of October 2009. As a part of Tokyo Collection Week 2010 SS, the invited Austrian designers showcased their latest collections.

Welcomed with an original drink prepared with Vienna tea, I got into the gallery space where was divided into three rooms, and four groups of the Austrian designers presented their installation/performance shows.


The first room was a colloction by “house of the very island’s club division middlesex klassenkampf but the question is where are you, now?”, an artist group includes two designers, a video artist and a musician. In the room, a film was showcased on objects, like a kite, made by cardboard with wooden frame, besides foliage plants with chair.


It could be seen that boyish style with Madras Check shirts and unique string sandal in the show. This short film style of show reveals artists’ thought on the environmental issue, politics and philosophy.

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