PLACEText: Amelia Ijiri

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Shochu mixology and stunning river views combine at Sour Garden, a rooftop bar that runs through November 22nd, weather permitting. Cocktails created using shochu, a hard liqour often made from grains and tubers, and fermented by koji, a filamentous fungus, include lemon, watermelon, passion fruit, and cucumber variations.

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Opening December 12th, BAKIBAKI x Daijiro Hama will offer graphically intense visual environments: the work of BAKIBAKI, a.k.a. Kohei Yamao, renowned for trademark geometric motifs, and Daijiro Hama, a Kyoto-based artist famous for his black and white paintings.

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Artistic, collaborative, and creative, y gion is a vibrant space for creatives centered in Kyoto’s artsy, antique, historical, and recreational area south of Keihan Sanjo station. Bringing sound, sight, taste, and tactile experiences to reenvision art beyond white cube galleries, y gion offers a never-ending palette of creative experiences to sample and enjoy.

y gion
Address: 19 Benzaiten-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
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Text: Amelia Ijiri

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