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PLACEText: Amelia Ijiri

Repurposed from bubble-era snack bars (similar to hostess bars), y gion is a collaborative space that offers pop-up art exhibitions, live music shows, culinary experiences, and retail shops. Opening in Fall 2017, y gion brings artistic diversity to Kyoto’s famed Gion district with a five-story building complete with a panoramic rooftop view of the Kamo river.

© y gion

At present, neon lights greet customers, and a large tabletop awaits a DJ in the front 4th floor gallery, which offers stunning views of the Kamo river and its riverside terrace dining culture. The 4th floor also includes the Candy Bar Gallery that offers alcoholic mixes, soft drinks, and champagne served in a minimalist setting on ten-seat granite island. The bar area has a modern industrial interior that features concrete walls, additional seating, and gray subway tiles. This interior offsets rustic views of neighboring tile rooftops and mountains viewable through floor to ceiling windows.

© y gion

Current exhibits include NONOTAK -Majiwari-, ーagingーeda to waza 8 days, and Sour Garden. NONOTAK -Majiwari- is a creative duo of illustrator Noemi Schipfer and architect/musician Takami Nakamoto. Their immersive dream spaces using light and sound performance have been shown at the TATE Museum, Roppongi Art Night 2014, numerous festivals, and now at Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto. Following the outdoor performance at Kiyomizu temple, y gion will host an after party.

© y gion

From Nov 14 – 18, y gion will host “Eda to Waza (branches and techniques) 8 days”. Working with the theme of aging, conceptual flower artist Maestro Kayasa creates installations from tree branches. Masayo Funakoshi, a Japanese chef/artist and founder of Food Anthology, incorporates elements of sustainable food, culture, art, and design from his experiences in New York, Australia, Bali, and around the Pacific to produce cuisine that excites the five senses. For the weekend party, food and sound are added to the Eda to Waza project. On November 17th, Masaya Fantasista, CEO of Jazzy Sports, performs “women-friendly hard core”.

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