PLACEText: Peggy Yumei Lee

© Puerta Roja

Compared to other galleries in SOHO 189 Art Lane, this gallery is usually filled with bright and vivid colors. It catches guests’ eyes when you step into this gallery. Puerta Roja is one of the most special galleries in Hong Kong specializing in Latin American art and Spanish art. It is very rare in Hong Kong because most of the seen artists in Hong Kong are from Europe, America and China. The gallery is easy to walk and it has big windows. Natural sunlight can be found in the gallery that makes you feel cozy and approachable. It hangs the artworks in front of the glass facade like merging art into the nature through the glass.

This gallery also focuses on social responsibility. They believe that the art world should also give back to the world. They host charity events and make contribution to Latin America and Asia. They also encourage artist not to use equipment and technique unfriendly to the environment. They encourage artists to use natural and recycled materials for their artworks.

© Pearl Lam Galleries

Found by famous art collector Ms. Pearl Lam who has 20 years of experience of hosting art exhibitions, Pearl Lam Galleries is one of the signature galleries in Hong Kong about contemporary art. It is the largest gallery in SOHO 189 Art Lane where it shows the most number of worldwide contemporary artists. It also has 2 branches in Singapore, 1 in Shanghai and another one in Hong Kong.

Not only do they host exhibitions, they also have art installations, live paintings, street art performances and many more. Both young and old people would love to stay and enjoy art here. They encourage young creativity to bring energy to the city, meanwhile to show contemporary art to the high-class.

You will love this gallery and be excited to walk through it if you are a fans of contemporary art since it shows many creative ideas that from different kinds of artists’ minds. After walking through these galleries, there are Spanish restaurant and Italian restaurant where you can rest too. You can enjoy a good day for your senses here in SOHO 189 Art Lane.

SOHO 189 Art Lane

Address: 189 Queen’s Road West, Sheung Wan
, Hong Kong
Opening hours: 11:00 – 19:00, subject to each gallery

Text: Peggy Yumei Lee

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