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HAPPENINGText: Ayumi Yakura

Art Fair Sapporo did not only exhibits art works by using hotel rooms but also scheduled Portfolio Review, Talk Show, and Live Drawing as mentioned before. It held various events such as Popup Store and special showcase by using entrance and lobby etc.

[Special Event] “Dress and Tights” popup store

There is a popup store opened up in the center of lobby for a limited time.“Dress and Tights” is a brand where designers and artists collaborate together to make dresses and stockings. To go for their merchandise, original pop paintings by Inori Kitoh were displayed on the wall. This space is open for public, so it is familiar to people who visit/stay the Hotel by chance.

[Special Event] “Seigensha” popup store

Also, the featured art books are put next to reception selected by Seigensha Art Publishing which is a publishing company for various art books including contemporary art, painting, photography, with the motto “to express the presence of the art of the contemporary art”. It was a versatile lineup focusing on topical work such as “Yokai No Shima” and “Wilder Mann” authored by a French photographer Charles Fréger. A picture book “Big Book” series is spreading and experiencing stories of the world.

[Special Event] Art Nursery School

Following the event last year, “Art Nursery School” (Child care service) had set to solve visitors with little kids who had a problem of not being able to enjoy art at their own place, this year it held for two days in collaboration with “tek” based in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. They provided toys like building blocks which are made in Hokkaido with no chemical paint, and also “Big Book” series as mentioned above.

Art Fair Sapporo is hosting events related to gastronomy every year. This year, partnering with “Kitakaro” which opened a branch designed by Tadao Ando in Sapporo, it provides popular snacks for gallery staff and exhibition artists. On a first-come-first-served basis as a buyer’s privilege,  it gives visitors limited gifts of premium tomato juice “HOKKAIDO SNOW JEWELS” which explore and create the future of Hokkaido food. It also distributes meal tickets of restaurant “Ash” on the 3rd floor of Cross Hotel Sapporo.

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