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PEOPLEText: Celeste Najt

Lámpara Hogar
“Hogar” Lamp part of Farola Collection

On 2015 you created Mundo, in parallel to La Feliz but still a very related project, what is it about?

La Feliz is an utopia, in a lot of ways. It is all I could do right and all I wasn’t able to. Above all it has an identity, that comes to exist and consolidates itself with time. There are things La feliz doesn’t want to do, but there are things Patricio Lix Klett as a designer wants to. So I had a lot of projects I wasn’t able to do at La Feliz, I started to add more and more projects in my hard drive until a certain moment in which I became aware that it was time to give a serious thought to them.

We went on holidays -me and wife and partner @La Feliz-, and then we came up with Mundo (world) which represents the world in which La Feliz exists. So Mundo is context and object to La Feliz, it is sometimes the macro and sometimes the micro for what La Feliz produces, and we do not necessarily develop this object or context. So other design brands play a role in the system, allowing us to work with others.

La Feliz design objects and Mundo compose stages for them. Takes so much time to develop a product, while so many products are needed in order to fill social demand of new things, every year.

“FAROLA collection” in a hotel in Pinamar

Could you please tell me which are your interests and projects right now?

I go around in my head randomly from one project to the other; I make the same question to myself every morning. I am thinking on stages, looking for companies and designers to “play” them, and thinking the role of La Feliz for this, what kinds of objects I am going to produce, and if I can manage the investment!!!!

“Moon” table, recycled acrylic

How do you feel about being a designer and craft man in Buenos Aires?

I am a designer (craft or industrial) and it has to do with the amount of the production I do but not with the way of thinking my profession: for me design equals thinking, design allows me to think with all my senses while thinking is just the thought attributed to the head. So I love thinking about everything, I love understanding if such thing exist. From the cities I know BSAS is one of the most anarchist and free, this is a feeling I have every day towards expressing my self as a designer, as a businessmen, as an artist, and it gives me an incredible playground.

“Armadillo” chair structure. Photo by the blacksmith

Please named your 5 favorite items on sale Today at MUNDO and La Feliz.

– The bag I love the print on them
– I love the trays
– I love the hatstand, the hanging one.
– I love the concrete lamp we made with Bondi.
– I love the coffee cup.

Thank you Patricio!

Text: Celeste Najt

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