We often take things for granted. Especially the little things in life. “My life as a Lamp-post” by Gilles Massot from France reflects upon our silent companions through the camera’s lens. Capturing more than just images, My life as a Lamp-post embodies the essence and character of those whom we overlook, standing steadfast in the darkness, illuminating the world for us to see.

Gilles Massot, My Life As A Lamp-Post, 2002 © Gilles Massot

Held in conjunction with this year’s Singapore Arts Festival, the Month of photography in Singapore where numerous international and local photographic works are placed on display. Photography gains a foothold as a medium of art. Purists would argue that photography is not art. The presence of PhotoShop does not help as amateurs are now equipped to appear as masters. It takes real skill and technique to capture images on film. And even more thought to capture the spirit of an object, in this case, the feelings and essence of a lamp -post.

Gilles Massot, My Life As A Lamp-Post, 2002 © Gilles Massot

Shot in locations across continents, spanning a time frame of twenty-five years, the solitude and emotions of individual lamp posts are brought across through a combination of light, colour and composition. One cannot help but relate to the loneliness of the lamp post. The projection of solitary lamp post against a backdrop of blue skies, setting suns, amongst telephone lines, standing proudly tells a story with each image, provoking thoughts and questions. Surely that is proof enough that photography can be art?

Gilles Massot, My Life As A Lamp-Post, 2002 © Gilles Massot

Accompanied by a light box installation as one moves up the flight of stairs to enter the gallery space, motion sensitive light boxes light up as one moves upwards. Mimicking the disposition of lamp posts, the installation draws the viewer’s attention through a series of statements that somewhat amplifying the thoughts of the photographed objects, bringing to the viewer’s attention the existence of lamp posts.

The lamp post, an everyday object that is seen everywhere yet seldom thought of is presented in a thought provoking manner. Filled with emotions and thoughts, one is able to relate to these objects and see them in a different light.

Gilles Massot “My Life As A Lamp-Post”
Date: June 5th – 22nd, 2002
Place: Plastique Kinetic Worms
Address: 61 Kerbau Road, Singapore 219185
Tel: +65 6292 7783

Text: Fann ZJ
Photos: © Gilles Massot

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