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My friend Anna Stenvi introduced me for the very first time a piece from Form Us With Love, we just could say –“ They are so damn talented ! “. This studio was founded in 2005. You can reach them in a very nice local by the Old Town of the city (Gamla Stan), perhaps the most touristic area of the city. Because of that more than once people has attempted to get in asking for how be a member of this internet-café or just trying to buy one of the gorgeous pieces on the window stand.

Form Us With Love
Photo: Jonas Lindstrom

How is it working within Form Us With Love?

Form Us With Love (FUWL) is a multidisciplinary design studio focusing on idea-based design. Our Studio was founded by John Löfgren, Petrus Palmér and Jonas Pettersson in 2005. We tend to design everything more or less together. We usually start the projects together and then work with different parts of it individually. We do have different backgrounds and we use it in our line of work. Traditional design studios tend to work in one or two disciplines, focusing on the type of product or work. In contrast FUWL focus on the process behind the work and we are therefore not bound to one or two disciplines but can work with all. Disregarding the type of product or project, the point of attack is always the same for us.

Prosthes Hanger, Vujj, 2008. Photo, Retouch: Niklas Alm, Sofia Cederström

Swedish or Scandinavian furniture design has a strong profile. It´s quite characteristic perhaps. How could you explain such scenario from about the last 2 decades? Could be great pay attention to the schools and drop some tips for those who now are thinking to follow this road?

We are hopelessly influenced by our strong design heritage of course, but at the same time we are utterly tired of it. The result is some kind of tweaked functionalism. This is perhaps what shows in a lot of young Scandinavian designers work today.

We all met up at Kalmar University and the industrial design programme in 2002. The school was brand new, we were the first to attend it and we could focus on what we wanted to work with in the future. During school we found that we shared the same ideas about design. The school is focused on the theoretical side to design which of course has influenced our way of thinking about design.

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