MUSEUMText: Aya Shomura

The staffs of “MUSEUM,” which is the cultural complex to promote the current creative scene in Hokkaido, pick out and recommend the latest news in monthly selected from “MUSEUM STORE” at 1st floor is a select shop of lifestyle design focused on fashion, “SOUVENIR HOKKAIDO” deals in products can be purchased, for example artworks, CDs and books by Hokkaido artists, and “Clark Gallery+SHIFT” at 2nd floor promotes and manages artists as the only one commercial gallery of contemporary art in Hokkaido. You could get exclusive information like some events at only MUSEUM, don’t miss it! In addition, online store of MUSEUM STORE has launched, please check it out!


Till October 30th, a fashion designer ayumi mitsukane‘s first solo exhibition “BOUSHI” is held at Clark Gallery+SHIFT in Sapporo. She, a young designer born in Hokkaido, has been asked “new edge to contemporary art” as her own brand concept. For this time, besides 6 ingenious fashion photos, she will hang 30 “hats; Boushi” of various sizes that she created without sticking to stereotypes from the ceiling and it would be an installation to be able to see, wear and enjoy.


Jun Igarashi as an architect, who has designed MUSEUM in 2014 and relocated to Sapporo from Saroma in this autumn, announced the “7 chair” for the exhibition of architectural sketches ‘Homage to Arne Jacobsen,’ hosted by Fritz Hansen as a part of the 60th anniversary exhibition in July 2015. And his architectural sketche will be exhibited in “7 Cool Architects” at AnyTokyo 2015 from October 24th to November 3rd. He has selected one of the designer/architects to create something original while being respectful to the classic lines of the Series 7, involving Zaha Hadid and Jean Nouvel, while all the other participants were representing their own countries. As he had an lecture at even in Helsinki Design Week, growing expectations in his activities at home and abroad.


New EP of owtn. will be released in this Winter, whom has made her debut in June 2015. It plans to be released by “POEMCORE TOKYO,” a net label, Slate as a Sapporo-based track maker will produce and compose all 3 songs including “Sensibilite des Poissons.” MUSEUM STORE is to be stock in the limited edition recording another version of the song. Don’t miss it!


24K which set up the atelier in MUSEUM will exhibit at Creative Life Exhibition of “Tokyo Design Week 2015” from October 24th to November 3rd. This time, with the pop layout in collaboration with Chisato Shinya from Clark Gallery+SHIFT, it will attempt to emphasize further its unique and commitment pulled line of 24K while organic and simple design. As a bookmark as a novelty made with ego deer leather for the trial will be given for visitors, please go to visit. You might meet designer herself?!


Autumn Issue,” the 4th series of candle by Keiko Orikasa has finally appeared. Its is the limited for MUSEUM only and has been expanded from the last Winter. The 3 colors of the sophisticated “autumn for adult” are “ICHO: ginkgo” that flakes beautifully in the sunlight, “OCHIBA: fallen leaves” that overlaps delicately on earth and “IZAYOI: the sixteenth night of a lunar month” that keeps the black purple color of the night sky. All of them never carries us that she did trial and error the most in this series. This fall, no doubt a date of a little early return increase. Autumn Issue:OCHIBA / IZAYOI / ICHO (from the left).

Text: Aya Shomura

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