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PEOPLEText: Ayumi Yakura

Your test writing at the stationary shop may become a part of her drawing art before you know it.

“Reality exists where you and other persons don’t intend anything”. Okoimatsu collects lines which people wrote as trial without thinking and copies or transcribes those. The lines turns to be landscapes of various cities like London and Tokyo. Looking for her reality, we interviewed her at the solo exhibition “Visible a little after someone #2” in Cross Hotel Sapporo.

“Only test listening changes things 3 times – first time or London” 2016, 1,120 x 1,450 mm, oil painting on canvas

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Okoimatsu. Nice to meet you. I grew up in Tokyo till when I graduated university. After learning art in London, I moved to Sapporo 4 years ago.

What does Okoimatsu mean?

I borrowed the name of Ainu tribe in Hokkaido. “Matsu” means female in Ainu as Japanese females often has “ko” in the end of the names. My mother’s maiden name is Komatsu and her father ran the auto-repair shop. I used to doodle often with wax and chalk on the ground of the shop and “view of the factory and piles of tools” came into my eyes. Because that experience is the source of my image, I decided to use this name.

“Source of the accelerating scene” 2014, Ishiyama Ryokuchi (site of mining Sapporo soft stone), Sapporo, mixed media

After graduating Tama Art University graduate school, you learned at Chelsea College of Art & Design in London. Please tell us your impressive experience.

2 years in the art college in London was great in many meanings. Not only English people but other Europeans, Americans, and Asians studied there. 40% of the students were international.

The curriculum was tough. Japanese university tends to be noninterference (could be different now) but we often commented for the works each other in London. Discussion is so important in England that their critique sometimes hurt me and I almost cried. Including other universities, everyone was very powerful and inspiring each other.

“C on journey” 2010, 230 x 280 x 260 mm, sandpaper, rubber, pencil

After MA before coming back to Japan, how did you spend the time in London for 4 years?

I joined some art fairs having my graduation works and a project exhibition using paper as media. I kept producing and exhibiting art, and also drinking beer at pubs everyday. People told me that there are numerous pubs more than convenience stores in England and people usually finish the day at pub. House sharing is common and people often gather with beer, wine, or whisky coke. I became strong for alcohol!

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