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Social Venture enables housewives to earn a living by hand-making organic soap. “Our skin and our planet have something in common, Fragility.”

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I always found a thing at shops and cafes in Hong Kong, where those fashion-conscious people love to visit, that is “So…Soap!”. So…Soap! is 100% organic soap with simple designed container. The font on the package is powerful enough to be impressed on people’s memory. For me, yes, I remember this “soap at trendy places”. As I looked into, I found So…Soap! could be deemed as a best-known social venture in HK.


The founder of So…Soap! is Ms. Bella Ip. She once had a job related to education where she started thinking about better relationship between mother and kids. As a single mother herself, she wanted to stay close to home and better provide for her families by flexible working hours, and with enough income. As you know, the prices in Hong Kong are expensive including house rent. It’s easy to imagine how tough it is for a woman to survive rising their kids in this city.

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She tried to find eco-friendly job near home but nothing met her criteria. Then she taught herself how to make soap and in 2008, she launched own business with an initial capital of $200,000 loaned from bank. In 30 months, the loan was all paid off which means, she proved a single mother could survive in Hong Kong making soap alone. To share this experience and how-to, local low-educated women were joined to the team and they have been in charge of entire process from making soap to selling the products since then. To take good care of the family, work near home with flexible time but ensure to have income. Bella long aimed for this way of working for housewives.

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One of the distinctive aspects of So…Soap! is they lessen land pollution exhaustively. In partnership with organic soybean milk “0 bean”, the drink bottles used for the soybean milk are recycled to So…Soap! containers. Of course, those bottles used for So…Soap! are collected to reuse. The soap itself is chemical free, 100% plant based. Glycerin, which is an excellent moisturizer from nature works to prevent dry skin. Gentle aroma we can smell from their soap are of natural essential oil. So…Soap! has a motto, “Our skin and our planet have something in common, Fragility.”

The soap line-up is body soap (lavender, orange ginger), hand soap (tee tree) etc. You will find your skin moisturized and refreshed after washing. Pleasant feel of aroma would make you have another bottle of soap before no long.

So…Soap! says “Your hand can make a difference”. We pay attention to how they grow and stimulate people, and how social business in this city develops.

Tel: +852 2621 3060

Text: Kanae Tamase
Photos: © So...Soap!

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