PLACEText: Victor Moreno


How is been these last 2 years?

We started the restaurant in February 2008. Our ambition then was to get a Michelin star and we achieved it in 2009. For the first year we also got presence at “Swedish White Guide , as best food in Sweden. We received some other important reviews and the fire was on! American Wine and Food selected most interesting restaurant 2009. We did Conde Nast hot list in May this year.
We have a certain presence of people from abroad.

Tell me about those early days.

We were into creative things, and we started a food blog. We were talking about things such molecular gastronomy (for instance I was at El Bulli in Spain too). Still you have time to play around you create something not different but better.
Since we started to run the restaurant we got a period of 6 months until the word spread away.


Is Frantzén and Lindeberg in charge of the creative direction?

Daniel Lindeberg is in charge of the bakery of the other side of the street.

Your cuisine is yet Scandinavian but still influenced from abroad, right?

We don´t have a menu. This is what is called white menus or “Carte blanche”. We got a list of ingredients regarding the season and from that list the kitchen feels is the best of the day. You decide if is anything from there that you will not use. You can select 6 or 8 courses.
We have an ecological garden. It´s in Katrineholm (1 hour from Sthlm) producing vegetable for us. Depending what we get from him we work in that. No red meat but lots of vegetables. So we let the nature create.


Which elements of you everyday labour you could point as most significant?

This is very important, to get the finest ingredients. For instance langostines here usually are provided from Gothemnburg , so it takes one day and on Tuesdays you never can get them, so if a client comes on Tuesday with the mood of langostines you can not offer it unless com from the fridge.
When is not menus you don´t have this issues so you really can work with the best ingredients of the day.

How is the atmosphere that you want to dress up your cuisine?

Relax, and elegant rustic. We like to work with wood and stone in a elegant way.


Which are the classics from the restaurant?

Cheeseburger*, Tour de France*, French toast*, Escalops with bread pudding and Eau de Truffe*.

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