PLACEText: Yuka Nakamura (ARI)

Stage1 currently presents “FLaT DaNCe”, a solo exhibition of Takehiro Yoshimitsu who is represented by an art management office ARI in Tokyo. This exhibition uses the white cubic space of Stage1 as a goldfish bowl, which shows a good example of how to use the small Stage1 space effectively as comparing to the main space.


The director and owner of the gallery Sarah says that there are some people who visit the gallery to face an art work for 2 hours. People don’t just come by the gallery but they visit the place with purpose, which will create enough time to look into the various art works.


Christopher Ku is represented by Blue Lotus Gallery and currently teaches at both Hong Kong Arts Centre and his own studio to keep exploring his works. His studio is huge. Works created in the studio are quite dynamic as he keeps dynamism yet sensitivity as an artist.


Fotanian can be reached by taking East Rail to Fo Tan Station and taking taxi for 5 minutes. Like artists in Tokyo, artists in Hong Kong have a hard time looking for work spaces. Fotanian is just 30 minutes away from city center Hong Kong, which is a perfect work setting as you can feel green and can be away from the busy everyday city life. I wish Fotanian could be a key place for the development of art scene in the future Hong Kong.

Address: Wong Chuk Yeung Street, Fotan, (N.T., close to Shatin), Hong Kong
Tel: +852 9719 4729

Blue Lotus Gallery
Address: Wah Luen Industrial Building, 15-21 Wong Chuk Yeung Street, Fotan, Hong Kong
Open: Thus-Sat 13:00-19:00
Tel: +852 2526 6716

Text: Yuka Nakamura (ARI)
Translation: Mariko Takei
Photos: Yuka Nakamura (ARI)

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