HAPPENINGText: Yuka Nakamura (ARI)

Anamachy Painting, a hybrid of graphic design, illustration and art, always provides original diversified visuals utilizing each medium effectively based on their mission to land a general art market they call “art brand”.


Since 2009, they have entered into partnership with an art management office, “ARI“, that supports artist’s overseas business. Their first show in Hong Kong was a collaborative project with a Fotanian based apparel design office “Paragon Design“.


In a scattering of spaces inside a factory at Hong Kong’s largest artists’ colony aka Fotanian, there are artist’s studios and design offices open to the public introducing their works on the second and third weekends of January entitled “Open Studio”. This year, an art festival was held for four days on the third and fourth weekends of January.


Paragon Design Limited was established by a female fashion designer, Meiyi Cheung in 2003. Since then, it has became a multi-design officeoffering brand consultation, web art direction, and branding in addition to fashion design. Since she has a deep knowledge of art and graphic design, she shows a deep interest in ARI’s activities and their artists. She approached them with a proposal for collaboration only a week after they first met. Their decisive and active characters that enabled this growing open studio exhibit make us realize how powerfully Hong Kongers do business in a fast-growing Chinese market.


Their show space was covered with Anamachy’s black-and-white wall paintings with forest patterns. They challenged to fuse fashion and graphic design choosing design and materials along with their theme of “ecology”. What is more, they had a dummy to hold Anamachy’s artwork. That indicated how much Meiyi loves art.

Paragon Design Limited
Address: Workshop 2, 12/F,Wah Lai Industrial Building,10-14 Kwei Tei Street, Fotan,Shai Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong
Tel:+852 2121 8796

Anamachy Painting
Contact to ARI art management office

Address: 4-21-17 TakadaHigashi, Kohoku-ku, Yokomhama, Kanagawa
Tel:+81 (0)80 3244 6992

Text: Yuka Nakamura (ARI)
Translation: Yoshitaka Futakawa
Photos: Paragon Design

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