THINGSText: Asami Miyamura

In February 2008, Viction:art, a Hong Kong based art/design publisher, has released the art book of illustration in fashion called “Fashion Unfolding” which is one of their fashion-related art book series and has been published after “Fashion Wonderland.”

Fashion Wonderland

Since their previous book, Fashion Unfolding has focused on “graphics” as seen in the subtitle, “Uncover the power of graphics in fashion”, in Fashion Wonderland you can find out that they are now forcusing on fascination of illustration which has been revealed in the subtitle, “Uncover the power of illustration in fashion.”

Including some contributors in Fashion Unfolding, 72 artists and designers are joined for “Fashion Wonderland”, which is hard-covered with gorgeous illustration-printed fabric and includes 256 pages of illustration works that are divided into 4 categories of color images as Chocolate, Orange, Peal, and Violet.

Fashion Wonderland

Tom Bagshow is an artist who illustrates realistic figures of graceful woman. At a glance his work seems like a photo-processed illustration, but it’s started to illustrate with definite sketches. Realistic drawn women are illustrated in tone-downed colors, which express the sense of charming and beautiful women.

Fashion Wonderland

Ena is a Japanese illustrator, whose illustration has been already seen on CD sleeves and the bank card. Her art works on the book are illustrated with simple white of light and black of shadow, which express women’s charming body parts of eyes, lips and etc., and its fascinating and delicate curves of women.

Fashion Wonderland

Toby Neilan, who has also contributed on Fashion Unfolding, draws energetic women in ordinary living space in which illustrates tossed outfits and loosen shoe lace on the screen. Rather than elegance, his illustration portraits active and usual women. And his works have been seen on ISSEY MIYAKE.

Fashion Wonderland

Elizabeth Arkhipoff is an artist, who has collaborated with a graphic designer, Laurent Fetis. Their collaboration art work can be seen in Gas Book 12. Her art works are intriguing in its expression of unique and abstractive collage, for which has received recognition in Japan where she had remarkable exhibition.

Among many other works, these few illustrated art works will pause us to realize the power of illustration in fashion in which we are always interested in our everyday life. Many of the contributors on the book are working on projects for the notable fashion brand. You will fully enjoy the 4 different varieties of illustration in fashion in “Fashion Wonderland.”

Fashion Wonderland
Speficication: 224 pages, 28.4 x 21.1 cm, English
ISBN-10: 9889822962
Publisher: Viction:ary

Text: Asami Miyamura
Translation: Mariko Takei

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