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PLACEText: Junko Isogawa

Based on Barcelona, Spain, Vasava produce many international projects. Today we would like to hear the story about a gallery/shop “Vallery” which they have opened recently, and “UT Inspired“, the latest collaboration project with UT .

Could you introduce us the Vallery and the Vasava?

Vasava is a design studio based in Barcelona. It was founded in 1997. We take part in communication projects to which we can add a peculiar flavour. We are primarily dedicated to Corporate Identity, Publishing Design (books, magazines …), Identity and Communication for Events and Exhibitions, Websites, Interactive, Multimedia Communication (campaigns) and our Personal Events and Products.

Vallery is an experimental project through which we aim to discover and offer objects related with design, books, toys, magazines, fashion garments from non-mainstream firms, and all that which, within the scope of the most innovative contemporary creation, has influenced or still influences the spirit of Vasava. Of course, our products will have their own specific place, although the objective is for Vallery to bring together exclusive, high-quality creations from all over the world.

We want Vallery to be perceived as a meeting place, a forum for the free circulation of ideas. Its mission is to seek out and exhibit work being carried out in local studios or at the cutting edge of the world’s main cultural hubs, to encourage its distribution and to offer an organized overview of the latest finds from the international circuit.


Could you tell us the artists who have had exhibitions at your gallery? When you hold exhibitions, how do you curate or select the artists? Are there any standards?

We have taken part on Loop Festival and Urban Funke Festival. We do not follow commercial objectives to select / curate an exhibition. We choose what we like. So simple and so difficult. It doesn’t matter if the artist is famous or if the work is too risky for our audience. We are showing what we do find interesting.


What kind of products do you sell at your shop? Do you sell the same things as on your website?

From the last design books to t-shirts from Australia, from weird jewellery to fashion jeans, from toys to sneakers… Once again, we sell what we like, it doesn’t really matter if it’s not commercial at all. We didn’t set up the store to sell what other shops are selling. Yes, you would find all the products on Vallery’s website. In addition, all the exhibited artwork is also available.

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