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A book of a design unit FriendsWithYu (FWY). FriendsWithYou Have Powers!” will be released early in October.

FWY is well known for producing their original dolls, also continuing activities in a variety of areas; participating in conferences, and working for interior design.

This book presents the full scope of their projects and a wide range of scribbles, designs, artworks, characters and kids toys which have been created, for their first museum exhibition at the MOCA Miami, Florida during Art Basel Miami Beach.

Fusing art, design, illustration and toy making, FWY are a leading example of a multi-disciplinary studio combining classical disciplines with sensational success. They are masters not only of character creation but beyond the characters themselves and into the worlds that they inhabit. Their universes are so elaborately designed that they entrance adults and children alike.

FriendsWithYou Have Powers!
Author: FriendsWithYou
Published by: Die Gestalten
Released: October 3rd, 2006
Language: English
Spectation: 160 pages, 24 x 30 cm, full colour, hardcover
Price: 44,00 EURO / 60,00 DOLLAR/ 32,50 FLAN
ISBN: 3-89955-163-X

Available at here.

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