Creative Director Jacqueline Bosnjak & Mark Beukes
Agency: Idealogue
Exe Producer Sara Seiferheld
Directed by Roman Coppola & Andy Bruntel
With Illustrations by Cayce Cole
Animation by Andy Bruntel & Arya Senboutaraj
Narration & Voices by Eric Normington
Original Score & Sound Design By Q Department

A a customized sneaker “adicolor” project we introduced before just launched the fifth film “Red” by Roman Coppola & Andy Bruntel.

“Adicolor” was announced by adidas in 1983, and revived as an original campaign project in this time.”Adicolor” with original films will be released from the end of April one by one.

A brief history of the color red, handmade with love by directors bureau operatives. Featuring playful paper cut-outs by Cayce Cole.

7 colors 7 directors 7 films with only two left in the series from: Neill Blomkamp & Saiman Chow. All films are accessible by clicking the colors in the top left corner.
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