GAS is selling the graphic printed bags of selected artists in collaboration with ISETAN. This project was achieved by the agreement between the purport that GAS artists desired to offer a lot of expression bases and the development progress of a world strategy brand YOSHIDA a.k.a YOSHIDA BAGS, then by releasing PSP cases at the same time, which was developed in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment.

4 teams are participated in this project and provided their original graphics; “Kuntzel + Deygas” “MADSAKI” “Surface To Air” “Ten_Do_Ten”. Moreover, 4 types from GROOVISIONS, Narmal, Kentaro Kobuke, and Sleep will be developed at the same time cooperated by ISETAN and YOSHIDA BAGS.

Types: 4 types
Price: 18,900yen (tax-in)
Manufactured by: GAS AS INTERFACE Corp.
Release: 1st, March, 2006/ISETAN Shinjuku-ten the main building 2nd floor, the message/TAGLINE
The middle of April/GAS AS I/F co. on-line shop /limited selectshop at home and abroad

[Help wanted] Inviting volunteer staff / pro bono for contribution and translation. Please e-mail to us.
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