HAPPENINGText: Michiko Ikeda

May is warm, with a feeling of ease and a smile on people’s faces. Maybe this is how you feel when you look at the pictures that were displayed during May at Sapporo’s Soso Cafe. These were the works of Shinsuke Koshio alias Sunday-Vision who also presented his “Sunday-Vision Exhibition 2002” in various cities throughout the globe.

From graphic design, illustration, animation, web to wear design, the field of “Sunday-Vision” is highly diverse. He also contributes to art books in Japan and abroad, works for various companies like Shiseido, Parco, LaForet to name a few, and participates in many project exhibitions as well. In addition, Sunday Vision also brings out fashion brand and project, named “SwitchStance“.

The opening event for this exhibition was held on the 3rd of May where Sunday-Vision was invited to have a live painting performance with his friend and image maker Kobuke. Both are from Tokyo. Kobuke had a successful exhibition in Paris and published the art book “Start Kentaro Kobuke” from Little more Co., Ltd. His collaboration with Comme des Garcons Man Pink is well known.

The live painting finally started at 10pm with great attention from the audience. For me it was the first time to see a live painting, and I surely acquired a taste for it.

Their way of approaching the live painting were quite different and it was like two worlds were hitting each other. Well, opposites attract. Sunday-Vision started on the left side of the 4 x 3 meters canvas, and a few minutes later, I noticed what he was going to portray – a tree! This tree was portrayed in such a unique way – the branches consist of lots of stamped “S”s and “O”s, stringed together, adding up to SOSOSO – (Soso Cafe!), and also arrows stamped with patience and effort. He concentrated from the beginning to the end and his face was at a distance of nearly 10cm to the canvas. Sunday-Vision used stencils that he had prepared beforehand as well, to adorn this tree with those unmistakable leaves “made by Sunday-Vision”. He seemed to plan step by step, adding stroke by stroke with meticulous attention. Adding stenciled rabbits and birds to stamped typography his illustration got a unique touch of cuteness and esthetic which gave the whole work something “cool” but in a friendly way.

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