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THINGSText: Tim Engel

You can also see the eccentric tapes introduced. For example, this “Plant Tape” is the one that a plant will be completed by sticking on the wall.

The do-it-yourself chapter starts with 175 useful or unuseful application for duct tape. Two examples: Fix cigarette that is broken at the filter, or taping annoying people to walls, floor, ceiling or bed. After this humorous introduction you can see black and white pictures of using duct tape in everyday life.

In the illustrations part, you can see how Kerstin Finger use duct tape for illustrations, second hand duct tape is arranged in new form and context.

By reading the text chapter, you can take part of experience and adventure of different contribute writers with duct tape. This chapter also inform you about duct tapes’ history and the duct tape as a symbol of autonomy.

Here you get also some humorous stories about the duct tape paradise Tokyu Hands, Tokyo or duct tape performance in gallery.

“God made the world, but it is held together with duct tape”. So if you want to know how the “duct tape world” look like, check out this book.

TAPE – An Excursion through the World of Adhesive Tapes
Author: Kerstin Finger
Specification: 160 pages, 168 x 240 mm, fullcolor, hardcover, English
Release Date: September 2005
Price: €EUR / $36.00 / £19.00
ISBN: 3-89955-088-9
Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag

Text: Tim Engel
Photos: Courtesy of Die Gestalten Verlag

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