THINGSText: Nils Kasiske

Chapter 1

“Chapter 1” is the first joint publication of the hamburg based publishing companies Gudberg and Colortrip.
By the first view it is just a classic, fullcolored Graffiti Book. In point of fact it is more than that – a minimalistic and pragmatic log book of one of the most subversive German graffiti artist’s and his traveling.

Chapter 1

“Graffti or streetart – name it however you want – for me it’s just varying colors, varying places and varying circumstances. And these are the results” is the comment of the artist to this publication. Following his statement the book comes straight and minimalistic – no clarifying statements or text – just pictures of his work on the streets in the past nearly twenty years in cities like Hamburg, Berlin, New York and Sao Paulo, to name a few.

Chapter 1

The artist developed his own and distinctive style. Most of his pieces and characters are notable small sized – for graffiti pieces – and often added with short and crisply slogans like “I never went to artschool”, “30 years criminal”, “outlaw immortal” or “better than Jonathan Meese” – a world famous artist from his hometown Hamburg, who already made it to the big Galleries.

Chapter 1

The book release was accompanied with an exhibition at Hamburg’s urban art gallery Vicious Gallery to show another facet of his work.
The exhibition presented some of his watercolor artworks, drawings and some of his most painted icons – a stylized skull and crossbones.
The question, if classic graffiti works as well in galleries than on the streets will separate minds again, whereas the watercolor artworks match perfect in a clean, urban art gallery. For some people the classic graffiti styles may perceived like foreign substances and could not evolve their full potential, compared to the streets.
In any case they got their eligibility from the parallel released book and the obsessive streetbombing by the artist.

Apart from that the book and the exhibition gave a full summary of his work.

Chapter 1
Speficication: 216 pages, Fullcolor, Hardcover, Stamped linen
Publisher: Gudberg
Price: 30 EUR
ISBN: 978-3-940558-38-1

Text: Nils Kasiske

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