PEOPLEText: Gisella Lifchitz

A small group of artists got together to create a virtual gallery for more and more people whose goals are to make connections through art, and to make art possible for everyone. This people have opened a new door not only for themselves but for every artist with a truly open mind. This is happening right now in Buenos Aires and it’s just a click away.

Arte Chacra, with a small cow on the homepage, combines art and the spirit of the green pampas, the never ending forest filled with cows that make our country what it is now: a large space of possibilities.

As the founders explain, “ was born at the end of year 2002, from the intention of a group of artists that wanted to communicate the actual reality of visual arts in the local context, generating at the same time the possibility to create solid bonds between the participating artists and also with the local and international environment. We must see the art phenomenon as a whole and also a key to constitute our own culture and identity”.

Also, the artists comment that “artechacra, in its Internet version, is a meeting point with art as a window to the artists’ production considering a wide landscape of contemporary art and tendencies without the need to choose one of them. The idea is to generate a level of information that keeps growing and renewing itself”.

Apart from the virtual phase, artechacra has been creating real contact between the public and the art works. They have traveled to different places inside the country where people could see and buy art. They expect people to buy art instead of something useful for the home, because they actually believe art is useful and can be a very thoughtful gift.

Artechacra is based on an open system, where everyone can send their work and participate. Even if they study their background and art works, they don’t want to make curatorial work because they are democratic and don’t have a predefined profile where the artist should be classified. The goal is “to provide equal conditions to every artist, emphasizing the quality of proposals with wide criteria”.

Artechacra is a self preserved society with no support from institutions or entities. Its structure is dynamic and flexible and it exists because its founders have the guts to make it happen. It seems easy, and maybe it actually is.
And it’s just a click away.

Text: Gisella Lifchitz
Photos: Courtesy of Arte Chacra

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