THINGSText: Aya Takada

As I look up watching the sky getting darker day by day, I wonder how many people leave this city and come back. It may be selfish to miss your hometown from the moment you leave. However, missing home represents a love for your hometown that is full of appreciation.

Homesick magazine declares, “Everyone gets homesick.” It introduces artists who grew up in Canada, left there at one time, and acquired experience in a different country.

Cover Sculpture by Human Five

The first issue is from Vancouver. It selects artwork from Amy Lockhart, Atomos, Chris Gergley, Doris Cheung, Mia Thomsett, and a group of artists called HUMAN FIVE, and it comes with a CD-ROM that includes a photo-based digital film by Tom Svab, a homesick soundtrack by Marc Belke and Chad Hauser, and Amy Lockhart’s low-tech movie. A website can be accessed from the CD.

Artwork by Mia Thomsett

Editor Jennifer Nichols works on this magazine because she wants to give local artists a place to show their work. By transformimg a friendly magazine into a kind of gallery space, she makes local contemporary art more approachable and visible. Her hunt for ‘homesick’ artists continues in Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Halifax, Edmonton, Regina, and maybe Nunavit.

Artwork by Amy Lockhart

When you collect all the issues, the spines line up to show a complete design by Jason McLean from Ontario.

We depart from home for experience and success. From this departure, we learn about ourselves. We receive many things from everywhere and improve ourselves anywhere. As long as our ‘home’ supports us, we will experience homesickness…

Text: Aya Takada
Photos: Courtesy of Homesick Magazine © the artists

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