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HAPPENINGText: Filip De Haes

The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia is Spain’s most important museum for contemporary art. The permanent collection contains art of famous Spanish artists like Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, along with art of international artists like Man Ray, René Magritte, Yves Tanguy and many many more.

Entrance to the temporary exhibition

As any museum, the Reina Sofia also hosts temporary exhibitions. Till may 17th you can visit a retrospective of Thomas Schütte. Schütte (° Germany, 1954) is considered one of Germany’s most important contemporary artists. His works range from sculptures, over ceramics to drawings, paintings and installations.

Mann im Matsch mit Hund (1982) and Mann im Matsch (Model 1:200) (1983)

The exhibion shows you a bit of everything. Thomas Schütte is a versatile artist and thus each part of his activities is present.

Blauer Bunker (1984)

The introduction to the exhibition writes ‘the artist has been working on a series of the same name that examine human moments of isolation, vulnerability and despair’. What we saw were often colorful objects with little or no reference to the general idea as earlier mentioned. Maybe we lack imagination.

Roter Kopf (1997) and Lonely I-VII (1996)

Works like Gelber Hund, Hund II and Hund III looked more like repetitive, conveyor belt manufactured work, but in general one must say Thomas Schütte truly is an example of the modern versatile artist, who manages to sell everything, even the bad works. Either you love it or you hate it.

Grosser Geist Nr4, Nr5 and Nr14 (1997, 1997 and 1998)

If you like contemporary art, check out this exhibition. But don’t limit yourself to just this temporary exhibition, as the rest of the Reina Sofia hosts more intriguing works – as there is Alfonso Ponce De León’s self-portrait from 1936.

Find the museum close to Atocha Renfe metro and railway station.

Thomas Schütte – Hindsight
Date: February 17th – May 17th, 2010
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 21:00 (Sunday till 14:30)
Place: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia
Address: Santa Isabel 52, Madrid

Text: Filip De Haes
Photos: Filip De Haes

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