THINGSText: Mayumi Kaneko

‘Worst Contact’ Directed by Gen Sekiguchi
Starring: Takao Osawa, Jay West and others

In a space colony in the near future. It’s already been a long time since the existence of extraterrestrial life was confirmed, and now earthmen and aliens from the planet ‘Magumagu’ exchange the results of their research with each other. As an experiment to realize coexistence with aliens from the planet Magumagu, representatives from each planet live together in a colony. The leading character, Takemoto (Takao Osawa) was unfortunately chosen as one of the representatives and he has to live together with an alien from the planet Magumagu for one week. As he enters into the colony with his baggage, he sees Kerara, the alien from the planet Magumagu, already relaxing in the room.

Kerara: “Hello, my name is Kerara from the planet Magumagu. Nice to
meet you.”
Takemoto: “Well….. Hi….. Nice to meet you too…..”

Kerara looks just the same as the human. The only difference is the red eyes. Takemoto is bewildered to see Kerara casually talks to him just as a human. Then, suddenly Kerara hits Takemoto hard with a heavy stick!

It’s a mix of each different common sense between an earthman and an alien. It’s an unreasonable world directed by Gen Sekiguchi based on the original novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui.

‘Eternal Life’ Directed by Frank Sacrament
Starring: Yoshuke Kubozuka and others

In Los Angeles, America. On the shore. Sarah, greatly shocked by the death of her mother, is wandering about the seashore. There’s no energy to live in her eyes. This seashore is where she and her mother used to have a good time together. Sarah is wearing a vacant look with a bottle of hypnotics in her hand.

She consumes lots of pills. Then a gentle voice of a young man reaches to her head. ‘Do you want to die?’ Before she is aware of it, a mysterious young man Aria (Yoshuke Kubozuka) is standing beside Sarah. Aria leads Sarah by the hand into the mysterious light. When she got used to the bright glaring light, she sees a samurai (Japanese warrior) and a Japanese woman. They are running away desperately along a mountain path. Aria is a reincarnation of the samurai. And is Sarah a reincarnation of the Japanese woman? Suddenly the samurai is attacked by someone and the lady tries to protect him.

Aria takes Sarah to another world. It’s in wartime and there’s a woman who encourages an injured patient. Is Sarah a reincarnation of the woman too? The injured patient is Aria. Sarah is shown women who look like herself by Aria. What does Aria try to tell her? The moment she is aware of it, Aria has already disappeared.

It’s a fantastic world created by a director of Hollywood MTV and Yosuke Kubozuka who is becoming very popular for his mysterious attraction.

‘Bakuha dotcom’ Directed by Suguru Takeuchi
Starring: Shinji Takeda, Ryoko Shibohara, Kee, Takashi Kashiwabara and others

In Tokyo. Pee (Shinji Takeda) is misunderstanding that he killed one of his friends. He tries to hide the dead body, but it’s somehow passed into the Mafia’s hands by a series of misunderstandings. And for reasons it’s finally passed into an alien’s hands. The war between the Alien and the earthman breaks out?!

Characters with a great deal of personality from a mysterious and sexy mania for collecting medical appliances (Ryoko Shinohara) and a group of UFO lovers in a sexy bikini to the Mafia and aliens are jumbled together in the street of Tokyo.

It’s an action/speed Science Fiction movie. The original work by a cartoonist Atsushi Kaneko is flavored with a super hi-tension techno music into an unprecedented drama. It cannot be called a drama, it’s just a visual. I hope you to see this visual on a large screen dancing with a loud sound.

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