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NEWSText: kazumi oiwa

Kohei Nawa “PixCell [Coyote]” 2004, Mixed media 45.15 x 52.3 x 34.3 cm, Photo: Keizo Kioku, Courtesy of SCAI Tokyo.

Pékin Fine Arts presents Kohei Nawa’s first solo exhibition in China. In his latest works from his on-going PixCell (PRISM) series, Kohei Nawa shows his works in a specially constructed 5 x 5 meter white space-within-the-gallery-space.


Kohei Nawa uses a wide range of every-day materials in his drawing, silk-screen, video, installation, and painting works to question the traditional visual and temporal boundaries of sculpture.

His artworks are the by-products of his on-going research into the nature of sculpture and its infinite facets and possibilities. Kohei’s strength as an artist lies in his ability to invent new sculptural language by changing our perceptions and challenging our expectations when viewing art objects.

Kohei Nawa “PixCell (PRISM)”
Date: September 7th – October 31st, 2008
Open: 10:00 – 18:00
Place: Pékin Fine Arts
Address: No.241 Cao Chang Di Village, Cui Ge Zhuang, Beijing
Tel: +861 5127 3220

Text: kazumi oiwa

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